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Veronica Leto

Veronica and Michael Leto are from SE Louisiana and have been married for nine years in Tangipahoa Parish. Before meeting, Veronica lived in Washington, DC, working for a non-profit organization and earning her Master’s in Theology at Regent University. Before this, she studied art history at Louisiana State University. Meanwhile, Michael studied Classical and Jazz Performance at the University of New Orleans and then Business Management at Southeastern University. Michael enjoyed his last year at SLU, studying abroad in Italy at the University of Verona. Since being married, Michael and Veronica have been active leaders in the local church and enjoy ministering to others through prayer. Michael is a Vice President of IPSC, and Veronica remains at home with their three young children.  Both have a love for traveling, international cultures, missions, the arts and have an excitement for learning. They hope to instill these passions into their children and the families of Adolesco Prep while inspiring their community to strive for excellence and see that Beauty truly abounds.

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