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Elizabeth Cash

Elizabeth Cash along with Shane, her husband of ten years, has been Adolesco Prep supporters since its very inception! We are blessed and grateful to have her as our Dean of Academics and as an encouraging friend and sister in Christ. As a professional educator for the last 14 years, this Tangi native earned her Master’s in Special Education from the University of New Orleans after graduating from Southeastern University in Hammond. Elizabeth is not only an accomplished educator of all grades, she is also proficient in deaf education, American Sign Language, and working with diverse populations of students. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic instructor able to effectively interact with students on a variety of academic levels. Her leadership skills and knowledge enable her to maintain excellent relationships with students, parents, faculty, and administrators. Elizabeth’s time working as part of the Washington Parish Administration showcased her dedication, expertise, and ability to create positive change when she was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2011. While teaching at Franklinton Primary School, she created, implemented, and directed various policies and procedures and also developed and delivered professional training for teachers. She is above and beyond accomplished in coordinating Parish-wide curriculum and standards and presenting at educational conferences. In 2015, Elizabeth moved to Georgia where she was able to work at a distinctly Christian school and where she would once again prove valuable for her leadership and innovation. Bethlehem Christian Academy was able to introduce their first virtual classroom through Elizabeth’s direct design and implementation and she successfully launched their ASL program. Because of the faith-based nature of this school, Elizabeth was able to bring her love for ministry into her professional realm by developing policies and standards for a young ladies’ mentoring program called “P31 for Teens.” Elizabeth was not just a valuable asset to students but became a consultant working with parents one-on-one for students’ individual needs and created instructional plans that she helped fellow faculty incorporate into their curriculum. Before her involvement in Adolesco Prep, Elizabeth classically homeschooled her son and daughter, currently in Second and Fourth grade. She is currently our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade ELA teacher using her expert skills with the Abeka curriculum. She enjoys camping, hiking, leading Bible studies, and most of all, spending time with her family. Elizabeth is a natural-born leader, extremely passionate about education and raising up a generation of students for the glory of God.

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