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Dera Hughes

Through and through, Dera Hughes is an educator at heart with a passion for teaching young minds a well-rounded education that includes understanding the Word of God. As Adolesco Prep’s Kindergarten teacher, she will host an immeasurable nurturing and Spirit-led atmosphere where her natural inclination to understand a child’s way of learning helps her develop successful and curious learners. Her love for teaching began 30 years ago and while Mrs. Hughes has taught middle and high school, she is most drawn to young grammar school ages. This is so she can instill, at such impressionable ages, a firm foundation in who Jesus Christ is and how He is significant in our daily lives. She also enjoys laying the foundation of a child learning to read, write and grasp phonetical concepts while using multi-sensory methods. Over the last few years, Dera has taught using the Montessori method and has most recently been trained in the Classical approach, which she feels helps her complete her calling as an educator because it heavily incorporates virtues and further enables her to integrate Christian values into her lessons. It also invites her to utilize her preferences to cultivate logical thinkers who articulate thoughts well. When Mrs. Hughes is not in the classroom you can find her spending time with her high-school-sweetheart-husband and their five grandchildren on four-wheelers and camping. Additionally, she fulfills her heart to serve by volunteering around her community at local nursing homes, at Our Daily Bread, and also loving on babies in her church’s Sunday morning nursery. Mrs. Dera, our 2021 Teacher of the Year, is truly a treasure and Adolesco Prep cannot imagine anyone else as enthusiastic for our Kindergartners as she is!

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