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Cassie Sinagra

When it comes to the calling and responsibility of teaching God’s Word and classical education, there are few who take it more seriously than Cassie Sinagra who teaches third – sixth grade math. Cassie oversees her church’s children’s ministry and with her husband Darrell of 25 years, owns a dairy farm in Amite where they have raised their two children, both now thriving in college. Before homeschooling them from K-12th, Mrs. Sinagra was a public-school teacher. She has professionally tutored homeschool students for the last 8 years and is well-versed in the classical approach utilizing Classical Conversations from whom she received various trainings. Her experience aligns nicely with the Christian and classical aspects of Adolesco Prep as does her understanding and implementation of discipleship. She is passionate about encouraging and equipping parents in the homeschooling realm and is an excellent choice for teaching at a University-Model® school where teachers partner with parents to produce intelligent, well-informed, and spiritually mature followers of Christ. 

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