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Beth Vinyard

Beth Vinyard has a lifetime’s worth of experience with proven literature and poetry “exploring how these talented writers portrayed the joys, sorrows, successes, and sins of civilization.” Her affection for aiding her students in giving voice to their thoughts and emotions, coupled with her dedication to the Classical approach, uniquely suits her for the position at Adolesco Prep as 5th – 7th grade ELA teacher. Beth also utilizes her minor in history and her Bachelor’s degree in English from SLU to teach Composition. It fascinates her “to see how works of literature reflect and comment on the historical context surrounding them and highlight the many aspects of man’s relationship with himself, with others, with God, and with society.” On Fridays, she spends time with students to help them investigate their individual study and learning styles while guiding them to navigate the practicalities of time management and becoming more independent in their studies. Further, Mrs. Vinyard appreciates the value of the University-Model® and Adolesco Prep’s unique hybrid schedule. She is well-equipped to partner with parents for School@Home as she has insight and familiarity with homeschooling her own children; she knows what is involved and how to guide them accordingly. Above all, she imparts her most treasured assets into the hearts of her students: her faith and knowledge of the Word. She is a superb University-Model® teacher embodying expertise in her field and excellence in Christ.

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