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Natalie Wolfe

When looking for a Latin teacher, Adolesco Prep sets its sights on expertise and zeal for the subject. We have found just that in Natalie Wolfe who earned a near perfect score on the National Latin Exam. She is not only passionate about learning and teaching Latin, but she has a general love for children. More specifically, teaching them in an environment that allows her to impart her faith in Christ and to make a difference in her students’ lives is most fulfilling. Ms. Wolfe is Classically taught and trained and also serves as our Logic class teacher to our School of Logic students (6th and 7th grade) while utilizing her knowledge and skills in music to lead worship during morning assembly. Additionally, Natalie teaches our Friday Scholé music class for our Junior Kinder – 2nd graders. She will also lead them in their Mission Minded class where she will teach them about service and compassion to others in Christlike ways, both here and around the globe. It is easy to see that Natalie is a rare gem that we are thrilled to keep in our treasure chest as her gifts and values align naturally to Adoleso Prep. Excellentia sapientiae equamur veritatem!

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