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Marie Strange

Born and raised in California and then lived in Nevada where she met her husband of 28 years and raised her boys, Mrs. Marie Strange has now lived in Louisiana for the past 11 years. Marie joined Adolesco Prep as soon as the opportunity and call of God came to her. She knows the joy of discipline and has an innate ability to impart the benefits and practicalities of living God’s word, even to her 4-year-old students in Junior Kinder, what Adolesco Prep calls PreK4. This woman of God possesses a kind of patience and love that occurs with having a long-lasting and intimate relationship with Jesus, and it translates beautifully in the classroom. Marie seamlessly prepares her students for the more demanding transition into Kindergarten by implementing an environment that beckons obedience and self-control while also maintaining a joyful and dynamic atmosphere for learning. Her students learn under a Classical approach with songs, chants and fun memorization for lasting recollection while following a Classical curriculum. Mrs. Marie has 12 years teaching 4-year-olds and over 20 years working with and caring for children. Her knowledge and application of how to relate to impressionable children and to call them to a higher standard is rare and cannot be overstated. In her spare time, Mrs. Strange actively participates within her local church, House on the Rock in Amite, as an intercessor, enjoys antiquing, riding her motorcycle and spending time with her precious loved ones.

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