Paula Cutrer


Marie Strange
Junior Kindergarten


Through and through, Dera Hughes is an educator at heart with a passion for teaching young minds a well-rounded education that includes understanding the Word of God. As Adolesco Prep’s Kindergarten teacher, she will host an immeasurable nurturing and Spirit-led atmosphere where her natural inclination to understand a child’s way of learning helps her develop successful and curious learners. Her love for teaching began 30 years ago and while Mrs. Hughes has taught middle and high school, she is most drawn to young grammar school ages. This is so she can instill at such impressionable ages a firm foundation in who Jesus Christ is and how He is significant in our daily lives. She also enjoys laying the foundation of a child learning to read, write and grasp phonetical concepts while using multi-sensory methods. Over the last few years, Dera has taught using the Montessori method and has most recently been trained in the Classical approach, which she feels helps her complete her calling as an educator because it heavily incorporates virtues and further enables her to integrate Christian values into her lessons. It also invites her to utilize her preferences to cultivate logical thinkers who articulate thoughts well. When Mrs. Hughes is not in the classroom you can find her spending time with her high-school-sweetheart-husband and their four grandchildren on four-wheelers and camping. Additionally, she fulfills her heart to serve with volunteering around her community at local nursing homes, at Our Daily Bread, and also loving on babies in her church’s Sunday morning nursery. Mrs. Dera, our 2021 Teacher of the Year, is truly a treasure and Adolesco Prep cannot imagine anyone else as enthusiastic for our Kindergartners as she is! 

Dera Hughes



Aimee Fortier
Math 1st


Elizabeth Cash
ELA 2nd-4th


Tia Broady’s love and knowledge of science and her heart for children has Adolesco Prep excited to welcome her as our third through sixth grade Science Teacher. Tia graduated from Barton College in NC with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has since worked at the NC Natural Museum of Science and taught at Hammond’s Southeastern University as a Teaching Assistant within the School of Science. Here, she prepared and delivered lesson plans and exams and enjoyed using the most relevant technology to support and distinguish varying instructions. Tia integrates her joyous and responsible nature in a way that makes her both approachable and reliable.  She is currently the Director of Kids Ministry at The Mission church in Ponchatoula LA where she oversees all programs, procedures, and volunteers while also practically executing her passion for teaching children about Jesus and how to apply the Word to their lives. She is truly a disciple-maker as teaching is only one way she incorporates her passion for the Kingdom. Ms. Broady has a long list of volunteer work including time coaching a swim team, leading a Girl Scouts of America troop and working within the Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services as a Foster Parent and a CASA volunteer. Tia is most excited to teach at Adolesco Prep so she can introduce scientific concepts through the lens of a Biblical worldview. She also plans to incorporate her zeal for theater by leading a drama club and teaching Theater as an elective. Adolesco Prep loves her heart for Jesus and making him known and her encouraging and joyful spirit. Tia immediately saw the vision of Adolesco Prep and wants to be a part of the new thing God is doing in Southeast Louisiana and Adolesco Prep could not be happier to have her!

Tia Broady
Math 2nd | Science 3rd-7th | Drama/Debate 3rd-7th


Natalie Wolfe
Latin, Logic, Music, Misson Minds for Schole` 3rd-7th

When looking for a Latin teacher, Adolesco Prep sets its sights on expertise and zeal for the subject. We have found just that in Natalie Wolfe who earned a near perfect score on the National Latin Exam. She is not only passionate about learning and teaching Latin, but she has a general love for children. More specifically, teaching them in an environment that allows her to impart her faith in Christ and to make a difference in her students’ lives is most fulfilling. 

Ms. Wolfe is Classically taught and trained and also serves as our Logic class teacher to our School of Logic students (6th and 7th grade) while utilizing her knowledge and skills in music to lead worship during morning assembly. Additionally, Natalie teaches our Friday Scholé music class for our Junior Kinder – 2nd graders. She will also lead them in their Mission Minded class where she will teach them about service and compassion to others in Christlike ways, both here and around the globe. It is easy to see that Natalie is a rare gem that we are thrilled to keep in our treasure chest as her gifts and values align naturally to Adoleso Prep. Excellentia sapientiae equamur veritatem!


Veronica Leto
History 1st-7th


Beth Vinyard
Composition 3rd-7th |  ELA 5th-7th

Beth Vinyard has a lifetime’s worth of experience with proven literature and poetry “exploring how these talented writers portrayed the joys, sorrows, successes, and sins of civilization.” Her affection for aiding her students in giving voice to their thoughts and emotions, coupled with her dedication to the Classical approach, uniquely suit her for the position at Adolesco Prep as 5th – 7th grade ELA teacher. Beth also utilizes her minor in history and her Bachelor’s degree in English from SLU to teach Composition. It fascinates her “to see how works of literature reflect and comment on the historical context surrounding them and highlight the many aspects of man’s relationship with himself, with others, with God, and with society.” On Fridays, she spends time with students to help them investigate their individual study and learning styles while guiding them to navigate the practicalities of time management and becoming more independent in their studies. 


Further, Mrs. Vinyard appreciates the value of the University-Model® and Adolesco Prep’s unique hybrid schedule. She is well-equipped to partner with parents for School@Home as she has insight and familiarity with homeschooling her own children; she knows what is involved and how to guide them accordingly. Above all, she imparts her most treasured assets into the hearts of her students: her faith and knowledge of the Word. She is a superb University-Model® teacher embodying expertise in her field and excellence in Christ.


Cassie Sinagra
Math 3rd - 7th 

When it comes to the calling and responsibility of teaching God’s Word and classical education, there are few who take it more seriously than Cassie Sinagra who teaches third – sixth grade math. Cassie oversees her church’s children’s ministry and with her husband Darrell of 25 years, owns a dairy farm in Amite where they have raised their two children, both now thriving in college. Before homeschooling them from K-12th, Mrs. Sinagra was a public-school teacher. She has professionally tutored homeschool students for the last 8 years and is well-versed in the classical approach utilizing Classical Conversations from whom she received various trainings. Her experience aligns nicely to the Christian and classical aspects of Adolesco Prep as does her understanding and implementation of discipleship. She is passionate about encouraging and equipping parents in the homeschooling realm and is an excellent choice for teaching at a University-Model® school where teachers partner with parents to produce intelligent, well-informed and spiritually mature followers of Christ. 

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Paula Cutrer: Preschool 

Marie Strange: Junior Kindergarten

Dera Hughes: Kindergarten

Aimee Fortier: First Grade Math

Elizabeth Cash: Second, Third, and Fourth Grade ELA

Tia Broady: Second Grade Math, Third - Seventh Grade Science, Drama/Debate

Natalie Wolfe: Third - Seventh Grade Latin, Logic, Music and Mission Minds for Scholé

Veronica Leto: First - Seventh Grade History

Beth Vinyard: Third - Seventh Grade Composition, Fifth - Seventh Grade ELA

Cassie Sinagra: Third - Seventh Grade Math

Jessica Hill: Art 1 and Assistant to Head of School